Dadisms – The Path to the Trail

Happiness / November 25, 2015

My Dad was an interesting man, an entrepreneur, a professional and a hard worker. He worked hard, real hard. I guess he worked at least 12 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year. Even with that time working he found time to teach me to fish and develop my thinking that impacts my life today. Years ago my Dad started me fishing with a bamboo fishing rod. Eventually, I graduated to a spinning

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Are Your Actions Aligned with Your Intentions?

Happiness / November 20, 2015

Are you wondering why you aren’t getting more success, happiness, passion, fitness, love, creativity or whatever your personal desire is in your life? If so, there is one very easy to way to figure out what the primary block is for you. Look at your actions. Do your actions accurately reflect your intentions? Let me use an example from my own life in order to illustrate

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Cosmic Ordering and Self Belief

Happiness / November 20, 2015

OK so you’ve heard all about Cosmic Ordering, read the book(s), seen the video(s) and given it a go but somehow your dreams haven’t come true and you’re not leading the abundant life you’d been promised. What went wrong? Maybe you forgot the single most important element of the whole process. So you’ve re-read the book(s), replayed the video(s) and repeated your orders. Still nothing seems

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Harness Your Power – Achieve Your Goals

Goal Setting / November 12, 2015

Everyone needs an ideal of oneself. What is your ideal? What do you desire? You need an image of possibility in order to have a visceral experience – a feeling inside that there is a possibility for you to become more of who you are. You have many opportunities and talents bestowed upon you in this life. The way you manage your choices can bring greatness. You can harness your

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The Power of Expectation – I Expected Something Nasty and I Got It – Well What Did You Expect?

Innovation / November 8, 2015

Have you ever harnessed the exhilarating ride that is the power of expectation? Did you know it is one of the world’s truly magical rides? Why it can transform not only your days, but your relationships too. If you do something expecting it to go well… guess what? There’s a pretty good chance it will. If you do something expecting it to go badly or to be nasty.

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Telling Yourself The Truth

Happiness / November 3, 2015

*Do you tell yourself both the positive and negative truth about your work day? *Do you remember what you did well at work? *Do you keep a record of tasks that will support a good work evaluation? *Do you keep track of your successes? *Do you take the time to tell others the truth? *Do those that you supervise know when they’ve done a well? *Do they know

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What is Real Integrity and Why Should You Care?

Happiness / October 25, 2015

When I was much younger, I never thought much about Integrity, what it meant, or how having it or not would impact my life. I was taught to be honest and truthful, but the world around me didn’t seem to really fit that teaching. Through high school, and then into the working world, I would see around me people climbing to the top through backstabbing, lies, and fakery.

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Reality: Do We All Have Our Own Reality?

Innovation / October 25, 2015

We all live on a planet called earth and are all effected by the natural laws of this earth. And while there are some things such as these that we can all relate to, when it comes to our own lives, there can be radical differences. How people experience and perceive life can vary from person to person. And that is without comparing people from extremely different parts of the world. One person for instance

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Building Personality – How Can Handwriting Analysis Improve Your Life

Goal Setting / October 19, 2015

Not all people were happy when I introduced myself as a handwriting analyst. These people would start to hide their handwriting or tell me that they were relieved that I did not see their handwriting yet. The truth is handwriting analysis is the same as any other personality tools that are available nowadays. The purpose is to reveal the personality so that you could

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Does Jealousy Make You an Awful Person?

Happiness / October 18, 2015

Jealousy comes from personal insecurities but it can be resolved with empathy and love. Jealousy is an emotion you feel when you are in a relationship when you start comparing yourself to others and you fear that the other person will take away your spouse, lover, or friend’s undivided attention and you feel betrayed. Your jealousy is related to possessiveness which may lead to insecurity,

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