How to Know What to Do in Difficult Situations

Goal Setting / October 6, 2015 / No Comments

Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries, you can understand God’s words in dreams. Thanks to my discoveries, you can faster understand the dream messages, and faster transform your personality. The power of the unconscious mind has no limits. Once you learn the dream language you are able to have a direct communication with the saintly unconscious mind that answers all questions

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A Fresh Start for Dads – Taking Action in 2013

Happiness / October 5, 2015

Did you know that people who live an action oriented life do things in a different manner? Unlike ‘normal’ people, they are truly passionate about what they are doing and they will do whatever it takes because they want it bad. They want it so bad that they can’t sleep at night until they achieve it. Imagine that you are a teenage boy. You have met your first love and you want her so bad. If your mom or dad told

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Defeat Resistance with Persistence

Happiness / October 5, 2015

Excuse me for the bad alliteration, but it sounded pretty cool and makes an even better point. Resistance, adversity and troubles will come to us. It’s inevitable, a fact of life. As long as you are breathing in H20 and breathing out CO2, there will be certain times in your existence that just plain suck. It’s how you deal with those periods of intense suckiness that matter the most.

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Cultural Sensitivity

Goal Setting / October 1, 2015

I will be discussing cultural sensitivity and more specifically cultural competency. My reason for choosing this topic is the fact that too many healthcare providers are culturally incompetent, which results in improper treatment of patients and workplace discrimination. What is cultural competence? Cultural competence is the ability to work effectively with people from a variety of ethnic,

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How to Have Unwavering Faith in Your Own Ideas

Happiness / October 1, 2015

Have you ever said something like this to a friend: “Okay – I have this idea… [You then spend a good three minutes explaining your idea – and you finish off by asking,] “…Is that a good idea? Or am I just, like, COMPLETELY freakin’ NUTS?” So, let’s talk about this little habit for a moment, okay? Here’s why. Because #1: The IDEA is not the problem

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Explore the Power in You

Innovation / September 30, 2015

Everything in your life starts and ends with you. The decision to be poor or rich is entirely in your hands. If you want to make a difference in life “be the change you want to see in the world”. Our difficulties in life are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interest. There is a world within us, a world of life and thought; of power and beauty although invisible

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The Motivational Weightloss Program by Dr Lloyd Glauberman

Goal Setting / September 25, 2015

It seems that every month ushers in a new kind of diet for weight loss. We see these diets on television, on magazines and online in various guises most of them advocating healthy exercise, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle changes. More often than not, most people will fail at these diets until The Motivational Weightloss Program comes into their life. No, this is not another diet pitch that provides

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The Best Self Defense Technique is to Use Your Brain

Innovation / September 24, 2015

There are martial arts dojos (roughly translated, the Japanese word for gymnasium) in virtually every community in the United States. As the need for self-defense training has increased, the supply has also increased to meet the demand. Women, driven by the need to manage their own safety issues more effectively, are flocking to martial arts teachers in droves. Whereas there were few ranked

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Things I Have Learnt About Training Courses

Innovation / September 21, 2015

Having trained Microsoft Products for over 10 years I am sure that I still do not know everything that the software can do. There are so many features and training courses only cover a small fraction of them, I could train on Microsoft Excel for 2 weeks and not cover all of its features. Some of what I have learnt is: 1. You don’t know what you don’t know. I have heard people

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The Power of Belief

Happiness / September 20, 2015

I had the most amazing experience. I realized that I am always the source of my experience. I am the one that makes myself happy or unhappy. I am the one who gets to say whether I am in bliss or emotional pain. How? I do that by getting to choose which beliefs I focus on and the stories I make up. My point of power, always, lies in what beliefs I choose and what intentions I set. We generally

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